Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Berkeley 1st city to be Nano-regulated

Another reason to put Berkeley on the World Nano-map? or just another gimmick by the City council?

Officially, Berkeley City becomes first City (among other firsts) in the world to be Nano-regulated. On the ground it means researchers will need to report what nano-materials they are working on, to ensure they are safe to the environment.

What does that mean for the bustling Nanotech start-ups in the hottest place on Earth for Nanotech start-ups? Isn't it another instance of cart being placed before the horse. Would it prove to be a head-ache for the budding Nanotech firms, who I believe haven't come up with anything potent enough to envenom the World.
Interestingly the plan by Lawrence Berkeley Labs to put up a Molecular Foundry is what prompted the City council to enact the regulation. Well any indicator to the "Killer" nano-materials thats gonna come out of the Lab? Well that's what the City council believes...quite literally though.



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