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Nanotech learning options-Nanotech 101

After a few mail queries, I feel I should be putting up the info here..

Q: What are nanotech learning opportunities in India :-
* For an introductory course see Nano Sensitization Program http://www.nstc.in/
* For specialised courses like Mtech in Nanoscience etc. see Amity Institute of Nanotechnology http://www.amity.edu/aint/courses.htm
* There is research on Nanosciences at IISc & IITs. But there is no specialised course as such.

Q: Where do I do my "Bachelors" in Nanotechnology?

*I know it sounds really cool to get a Bachelors in Nanotechnology, but chances are there exists none in the world. If they do they r not gud enough. Why so? Because nanotechnology involves skills from different areas like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, material science, electronics etc etc.
There is no way u can focus on all, so next best thing is to get a strong fundamental knowledge of these areas in your undergrad & later decide which are you would like to focus on. To start of, I would suggest reading the seminal book "Engines of creation" available online at http://www.e-drexler.com/d/06/00/EOC/EOC_Cover.html
It inspired me to study nanotech about 8 years back & has inspired me ever since. So this is the book u need. Keep updated on different blogs like-

Q: Nanotech blogs-
*http://nanobot.blogspot.com/ - by Howard Lovy. Interesting & funny
*http://crnano.typepad.com/crnblog/ - on issues

Q: Global nanotech learning centers-

First thing I would like to make clear is the fact that nanotechnology is like an Ocean with mutiple facets. There are universities around the world which focus on different aspects of nanotechnology.

In US-
http://www.nano.gov/html/edu/eduunder.html (pretty comprehensive link)

In UK http://www.nano.org.uk/CareersEducation/courses.htm


Blogger Nish93 said...

Actually, you CAN do your bachelors in nanotechnology: at Amity Noida. Amity has started a B.Tech + M.tech dual degree which is a 5 year course. You do your bachelors and masters all in 5 years ;) I'm still in 12th standard and thats what im planning to do.

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