Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One step forward and two steps back for NanoFledgling@India

It's not all Hunky Dory for NanoFledgling India.
There are hardly a few commercial Nanotech firms like Cranes, Qtech or Yashnanotech. Now if we take up companies with core focus as Nanotech & with a solid business model the only India start-up that stands out is Qtech Nanosystems.

This is exactly why the decision of Bangalore based firm set up in 2004 to relocate to Singapore is a serious set back for Nanotech India. The company website lists down an impressive product portfolio...like Nanomaterials & Nanopositioners. The company is one of the few which won an award from CSIR India for it's Nanotech initiatives. With the key management comprising of all Indians, the news of Qtech being 'Singapored' should be an eye opener for India to put it's business climate in order. With Chinese and rest-of-world going all-out to get a lead in the NanoRace it is the imperative for India to see that going forward this would turn to be just an aberration & norm will still remain Nanotech 'Bangalored' ..... God save Nanofledgling India


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