Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Now NanoEggzz.... and the cancer story

Nanotubes, Nanorice & now NanoEggs... Researchers at Rice Univ have come up with a new shell nanostructure, which like an egg is thicker on one side. These are found to focus light to small nano-regions. Maybe the next step would be to create a nano-photo system; a new arena of nanophotonics. And the best part of it all... these eggs are used to poach Cancerous cells. That's the best part of these eggzz... these nano eggs are soo small (obviously tht's why they are called nano-eggs dummy) that they can specifically target even a single cancerous cell. So they can leave the healthy cells alone. Nowwhen these cells heat up when near Infra-Red light is passed to it, they can 'roast' the cancerous cells leaving the other healthy ones safe.

NanoEgg structures

Source: http://www.media.rice.edu


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