Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nanotech triple whammy in cancer care

Dallas Southwestern Medical Center has come up with a 3-prolonged nano approach to Find, Flag & Kill cancerous cells. i.e. target a cancerous cell using targeting molecules, attach & release the drug + an imaging particle and use the imaging particle to monitor cancerous cell destruction.

Using targeting molecules (orange triangles), it finds and enters cancer cells; then it releases chemotherapy drugs (red hexagons) and imaging particles (brown circles) into the cells from its core.

: www.technologyreview.com

Thursday, August 23, 2007

India's 1st "Real" Nanotech Park

Last year in October I had run a item about a $1.07 billion Nano City at Harayana (see "Hot Male comes up with Nano City"). I was rather pessimistic about the whole thing and the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And after nearly a year the pudding is not yet on the table. A search on the Nano City returns nothing but static.
Hence when I saw the news about plans to start India's 1st Nanotech Park at Bangalore, I thought of putting it as the 1st "Real" Nanotech Park. This time it's the Karnataka State Govt. that's planning to set up the park on a 15 acre location in India's Silicon Valley-Bangalore. The 100 crore project is expected to be funded by Center & State governments.
And this time round with eminent scientists like C.N.R Rao heading the advisory team we should be seeing the pudding on the table soon. Let the next set of Nanotech startups come out from here just like they did at the Bay Area Silicon Valley.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Nanotex bids me to USC

Seems the Nano bug just doesn't leave me, even when I am shopping around for my trip to Los Angeles for my masters. It's supposed to have a coating on the individual molecular fibers so that stain does enter in it. I brought 3 shirts with the NanoTEX thing in it....good since the last time got a Coffee spill was 3 days ago and a beer spill on all Friday nights :-)
But unfortunately I need to get a new one after every 30 washes as the property doesn't last longer or look at the cheaper option of not washing...well think i'll go with the later :-/