Thursday, October 26, 2006

My paper "In-Vivo Cancerous Cell Annhilation device" is finally ready..

After a long thrust I have finally managed to finish my paper "In-Vivo Cancerous Cell Annhilation device". Basically the plot goes like this... a mythical creature called a NanoBot exists which can detect and destroy cancerous cells inside the body... looks a bit Sci-Fi; but it's more tech stuff added to it...things which can bring it to reality. Maybe Victor Frankenstein can in fact bring this creature to life.
Here's the abstract for anyone brave enough to have a look ...

Conceptual Model of the Device

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nanotech units on the SEZ bandwagon

After all the hoopla over role of SEZs in India's development, now we have the babus in North Block suggeting that adding the clause Nanotech to the SEZ law could bring in more Nanotech start-ups to India (Nanotech units may get SEZ benefits too). Though the concern is good we can never have the cart before the horse; a small change in a law cannot turn our nation into a Nanotech hub.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hot Male comes up with a "NanoCity"

One fine day we have a NanoCity being set up in India. The proposal is from the famous Desi Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia. Planned to be be set up in Harayana, the NanoCity promises to create technologies for the future. Gud news... ya maybe I am pretty sceptical frankly.
Can we put the Cart before the horse; with the Nanotech infrastructure almost zilch in this country how is he going to get the brain-power for the projects. If you count out the IITs & IISc there are almost no institutes with any good research/courses on Nanotechnology. Without good ideas how will there be start-ups coming up in the city. Nanotechnlogy companies in India are today very much in their infancy... well not even the diaper stage; with that kind of domestic presence how will new firms come up.

My best guess is that this is going to be another one of those outsourcing model IT cities. Hope things on ground contradict me...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In Vivo Cancerous Cell Annihilation NanoDevice

he name right... that's the paper I had written. It just means a device which can kill cancerous cell inside a human body.. simple :-)

It's actually pretty simple extension of the automated nano drug delivery system in vogue. If somehow we can place a nano drug delivery system and a nano cancer probe on a nano platform with a rotor (something akin to bacterial propulsion) , it can automatically attach to cancer cells and kill em'....

Bacterial Flagella Model

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