Tuesday, March 13, 2007

India-China-Russia Nanotech leaders?

Not yet... but maybe soon enough according to the latest report from Lux Research Inc (see "Profiting from International Nanotechnology").

Though US, Japan & S.Korea still have an edge the Chinese dragon is all set to come at par with a $906 million (at purchasing power parity) Government spending on Nanotechnology compared to $6.4 billion for the US. Plus, the Chinese have taken a lead over Japan to be onto the second spot in the number of Nanotech publications.

There is not much data on India in the released part of the report, though it only mentions it as an upcoming power along with Russia & China.

Source: Lux Research Inc.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Indo-US collaboration in Nanocomputing

The emerging and established giants of Nanotech, India and USA have come out with a shared vision document on emerging partnership between the two in the field of Nano computing at the recent workshop, SQUAN-2007 held at Agra, India. The event had was a spectacle of latest research in the field being presented by luminaries from both the nations, with people like Umesh Vazirani of UC Berkeley and Kalyanmoy Deb of IIT-Kanpur chipping in.

Lov K. Grover, of Bell Labs, mentioned that India was poised for major breakthroughs considering the interest in research in these crucial sectors in universities and institutes here.

Let's wait and see how the Vision Document comes out to be in terms of real action and will Grover's bullishness come true.... we're waiting.

Source: RxPG News